Sunday, March 10, 2013

I have almost finished the puppy quilt for my nephew.  I just need to figure out what I'm going to do for the border and see if I can convince my mother to bind it.

I stitched in the ditch for the quilting of the blocks, and I'm rather pleased with it. Since this is the second time for quilting it, I think I'm done with it.
This is the robot quilt:

The blue and red triangles around the robots are basically praire points that stick up from the quilt. To "quilt"it, a friend and I just tied it.

This is my current embroidery project:
I think I have more done, than not, but I'm hoping to finish it by June so my parents can take it with them for a birthday present. I am planning on putting a backing on it, but I don't know what kind it will be, yet.
Here is Magoo, the monkey I made for my niece. I also made a pair of pants, but I rather like her as is.
This was my first attempt at framing my own needlework, and I have to say I was very pleased.  I went to a professional framer to order the frame and he also cut the foam core for me and then I stretched it. They said it was good enough that it could have been something they sold to paying customers. I believe it was from World of Cross-Stitching, but I don't remember which issue.

And these last two photos are the ones I have completed for my mother. I have since moved back home, and with the move I have lost the third, quarter finished girl. It's around here somewhere, I just don't know which box to look in.

 And that finishes this round of photos, so I'll be back later.

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